A Gracious Rewrite
February 21, 2024, 10:09 AM

“A Gracious Rewrite”

Deuteronomy 10

Sermon Notes 02/18/2024

A gracious rewrite requires invitation, repentance and lifelong participation (vs 1-10)(Matthew 4:19,8:22, 9:9, 16:24).

A gracious rewrite requires heart transformation. 

According to the Bible the heart is that spiritual part of us where our emotions and desires dwell. (vs 14-22) (Mark 7:21-23). 

The depth of human emotions and desires (in their natural condition) are evil,unreliable and hypocritical. (Jeremiah 17:9)(John 2:24-25)

Jesus knows what is in your heart and He graciously offers you a rewrite. 

In order for a person to be saved the heart must be transformed. This only happens by the power of God in response to faith. “With the heart one believes unto righteousness” (Romans 10:10). 

Are you ready for a rewrite?